I was so disappointed to find out that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are divorcing. 😦 but I don’t see how I didn’t expect it?? J.Lo just cannot stay married lol. But from the outside looking in I thought that she had the perfect fairy tale ending  after all of the frogs she encountered (Diddy,Ben affleck, Backup dancer #3 etc..) that she had finally found her Prince charming and she even got two beautiful children out of it.

Lopez released this statement earlier in the week:

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters. It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

(Via Huffingtonpost.com)

Have you noticed that Jennifer Lopez relationships start to falter every time her careers picks up some momentum. I think it much more complicated than any blogger or fan can try to figure out why but with her gig on American Idol giving her so much exposure and endorsement deals and her music sales actually doing okay It may be hard for her to give her full attention to whats going on at home. and we all know Marc Anthony is  big on the Spanish music circuit so there’s really not much for him to do here in America but pay attention to all of  the problems that their relationship might have. But then again I doubt that any man and I mean ANY MAN would leave someone like J.Lo ( the straight men knows she fine and the gay men know she is fierce) So I dont really know what to make of it I just hope both of them can find happiness. And I can totally see J.Lo being one of those glamorous Hollywood single moms.What do you think about this??


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Nicki Minaj and her Massive Attack ??

Via Mediatakeout.com, I read earlier on in the week about the Nicki Minaj hotel- incident just as everyone  else ( http://tinyurl.com/6gzb958) The story is Nicki Minaj and her “boyfriend”/hype man Safaree were involved in an altercation which resulted in Nicki filing a police report that she had been hit in the lip with a briefcase. According to the police report(http://tinyurl.com/5v58vvq) she and Safaree were arguing in a hotel in Dallas,TX,a stop on she and Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour, when she went into the hotel room to make sure her belongs were not tampered with.( I am assuming since she is on tour all of her things are in suitcases) So while arguing with Safaree it seems a suitcase hit her lower lip. Nicki has denied this rumor and that her hype man Safaree is her boyfriend. Now call me crazy but I believe her.

Now to me it just sounds like a night with Nicki and her peeps  trying to let loose and have a good time. Maybe a little drinking involved. From the ustream uploads that she and longtime friend Safaree have done together you can tell that they have a playful relationship that can get a little raw sometimes especially with their fiesty attitudes but from what I can see its all love. And we all know from Nicki’s twitter  that the week before  her cousin,whom she was close to,passed away on July 4th( Which is also her hype man ,Safaree’s, birthday.) So maybe emotions just ran a little high and something probably happened but not to the extent  of the how the media is portraying it. Not for second would I believe that Safaree is a woman beater or would do anything to hurt someone who has been  such a good friend to him for such a long time.And I don’t believe Nicki would allow any person to actually fight her without giving a fight back( even if its an unfair fight I heard those New York chicks use pad locks and errything )

(in the picture above you can see them posing together with a fan backstage the night after the alleged incident)but as far as the police report I’m not too sure about that,because according to it Nicki is lying about her age too, what do you think ?? Would the media go as far as to forge a fake police report?? (Nicki is a hot commodity now that she’s getting her mainstream shine on)or is somebody lying??

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Have you smiled today??

lmao..you're welcome

and you are welcome 🙂

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