Just A Hunch..

If you are a reality fanatic like me.(yes I know its a sick addiction lol) Then you are watching the newest season of the greatest reality show ever. Yes I am talking about Big Brother. This seasons twist was that not only will everyone be playing in duos for the first half of the game but  cbs had the genius idea of bringing back three infamous BB duos from past seasons like Brendon and rachel who are not the most favorble pair but are definitely good for tv

then there is the sweetheart couple Jeff and Jordan who I and I’m sure all of America loves to pieces but Jordan has won the Big brother game before so NO FAIR! :/

and then there’s the Donatos Danielle and her estranged father Dick or as he self proclaims “Evil Dick” these two made it to the final two in the BB house before and Dick won of course so NO FAIR again but their game play and family drama makes for good tv as well

However Dick unexpectedly left the house.As soon as I learned this I called bullshit because the way he is  portrayed on tv ,Big Brother is his life and he would not leave for anything and cbs would not say what his reason for leaving  even though he left the BB house a video message  saying everything was okay and that it wasn’t anything major just personal reasons. and in his past season he was always so upfront and honest even brutal so idk why he wouldn’t give the full story if its nothing serious. Days ago I heard the next season will be all-stars of Big brothers past. So I have a hunch that once cbs green lit this decision they of course wanted Dick to be apart of this and I doubt that they would have him on back to back seasons

Its just a hunch but if they really are doing an all star season I just hope that they bring back that sexy ass Jessie 🙂

yes i know he makes you wanna



July 26, 2011. Uncategorized.

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