Vanessa & Nick LaChey!!

Its official!! Vanessa Minnilo and Nick LaChey are husband and wife. I cant lie this is a sexy ass pair but honestly at first I didn’t believe that they were going to last let alone ever get married but hey Congratulations to them I wish them so much happiness.With that being said I give them three years,five i kid..sort of. Also their wedding will be televised  on TLC July 30th at 9:00 pm eastern/pacific time. Which I dont really like .I mean we all saw how that worked out the first time for Nick. His last marriage ended because of TUNA!! 

But really  can’t stand it when celebs do this its one thing to video tape your wedding but then airing on national tv as if everyone is going to give a fuck just because you have a little popularity(that’s why I really didn’t get the hoopla over the royal wedding but any who I digress) and its not even like they are as popular as he and Jessica were and have you noticed how they’re are more of socialites now rather than being known for how they got started in the industry(Nick was apart of a boy band called 98 degrees when I was growing up and they were sort of overshadowed by Backstreet boys and n’sync-but still had good music and Vanessa was a tv personality for MTV ) but hey they are still beautiful and I hope it works out and they make pretty babies 🙂 Hollywood is full of divorce it doesn’t need another. Tell me what do you think of the happy couple?? and will you watch their wedding special??


July 17, 2011. Uncategorized.

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