(NSFW)Speaking of BIG BROTHER..

There are explicit  pictures of reality show contestant  Brendon Villegas on the net. These pictures surfaced after last summer’s season had ended now that he and Showmance lover turned fiancee Rachel Riley(as seen above) are back on the show the pictures are now hotter than ever by this time next year  it wont be as big of news. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed these pictures of Brendon and his member and I would just like to say I am jealous of Rachel lol. Not only is he HOT but to be honest from his tv portrayal he seems like a decent guy with another favorable asset if you know what im saying 🙂 but i will let you see for yourself.These pictures are NSFW


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Just A Hunch..

If you are a reality fanatic like me.(yes I know its a sick addiction lol) Then you are watching the newest season of the greatest reality show ever. Yes I am talking about Big Brother. This seasons twist was that not only will everyone be playing in duos for the first half of the game but  cbs had the genius idea of bringing back three infamous BB duos from past seasons like Brendon and rachel who are not the most favorble pair but are definitely good for tv

then there is the sweetheart couple Jeff and Jordan who I and I’m sure all of America loves to pieces but Jordan has won the Big brother game before so NO FAIR! :/

and then there’s the Donatos Danielle and her estranged father Dick or as he self proclaims “Evil Dick” these two made it to the final two in the BB house before and Dick won of course so NO FAIR again but their game play and family drama makes for good tv as well

However Dick unexpectedly left the house.As soon as I learned this I called bullshit because the way he is  portrayed on tv ,Big Brother is his life and he would not leave for anything and cbs would not say what his reason for leaving  even though he left the BB house a video message  saying everything was okay and that it wasn’t anything major just personal reasons. and in his past season he was always so upfront and honest even brutal so idk why he wouldn’t give the full story if its nothing serious. Days ago I heard the next season will be all-stars of Big brothers past. So I have a hunch that once cbs green lit this decision they of course wanted Dick to be apart of this and I doubt that they would have him on back to back seasons

Its just a hunch but if they really are doing an all star season I just hope that they bring back that sexy ass Jessie 🙂

yes i know he makes you wanna


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Viva Glam!!

On her official website blog, Nicki Minaj announced that she and fellow music superstar, Ricky Martin, would be featured as the new faces of Mac Viva Glam’s 2012 campaign. YAY!!!!

I first heard of Viva Glam back when Rupaul did it and talked about it during  the first season of drag race and how this campaign raises money for aids research.I cannot be more excited I loved it when Mary J. Blige and lil Kim did it and when Lady gaga and Cyndi Lauper did it I can’t wait to see Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj’s sexy asses posing for Viva Glam. Below are some of my favorite Viva glam campaigns(and sidenote they’re also the only ones I know of lol)

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Fellow musicians react to Amy’s Passing

Nicki has expessed in the past how much she would love to work with Amy

Usher expressed his condolences

I agree with Rihanna Amy was such a talent and its sickening to know we can have her share it with us any more and live out her aspirations but God has called her home hopefully to give her peace #ICONSNEVERDIE

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Amy Winehouse passed away ),:

At 3:54 pm BST (14:54 UTC) on 23 July 2011, two ambulances were called to Winehouse’s home in , London. Shortly afterwards, the Metropolitan Police confirmed her death.There is currently an open investigation to determine the cause of death, which is described by police as unexplained.After her death was announced, media and camera crews appeared as crowds gathered near Winehouse’s residence to pay their respects. Forensic investigators entered the flat as police cordoned off the street outside. Her record label, Universal, released a statement that read in part: “We are deeply saddened at the sudden loss of such a gifted musician, artist and performer.”

An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday, 24 July 2011.

(Via Wikipedia)

I can’t believe it I was going through Brianbitch.tumblr.com like I always do and I find a post that said R.I.P forever  27 club and it had great musicians like kurt Cobain Janis Joplin jimi Hendrix with the  year the were born – the year they passed and at the end was an Amy Winehouse picture with the dates 1983-2011. At first I thought it was a sick joke I know with the controversy that surrounds her and her personal addiction problems and people expect her to die or something major to happen like they do with Lindsay Lohan so I thought they were just jumping the gun a little bit. But sure enough I googled and I find all of these breaking news articles of her death. I wasn’t surprised but I was and I wanted to cry but I can’t I really loved Amy’s voice and her music and I knew that she must have been going through something  big and I was feeling a little disappointed with her for not getting her act together but to be honest I truly felt a little bit of hope for her because she had so much talent and she was still so young. too young!! I don’t know its just so weird. I’ve heard all of Kurt cobain and what happened but I wasn’t old enough to remember.Same with tupac biggie and with  jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin I wasn’t even born yet. When Michael Jackson passed I cried but that’s because MJ had that special bond with all who loved him and he had done so much in his 50 years. But as far as this its almost like when Brittany Murphy passed. Its an eerie-too soon to be gone feeling ,where all you can really feel is that its a shame that they couldn’t have been around longer. I love Amy winehouse I hope she’s at peace. 

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Have you smiled today??

and you are welcome 🙂

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Vanessa & Nick LaChey!!

Its official!! Vanessa Minnilo and Nick LaChey are husband and wife. I cant lie this is a sexy ass pair but honestly at first I didn’t believe that they were going to last let alone ever get married but hey Congratulations to them I wish them so much happiness.With that being said I give them three years,five tops..lol i kid..sort of. Also their wedding will be televised  on TLC July 30th at 9:00 pm eastern/pacific time. Which I dont really like .I mean we all saw how that worked out the first time for Nick. His last marriage ended because of TUNA!! 

But really  can’t stand it when celebs do this its one thing to video tape your wedding but then airing on national tv as if everyone is going to give a fuck just because you have a little popularity(that’s why I really didn’t get the hoopla over the royal wedding but any who I digress) and its not even like they are as popular as he and Jessica were and have you noticed how they’re are more of socialites now rather than being known for how they got started in the industry(Nick was apart of a boy band called 98 degrees when I was growing up and they were sort of overshadowed by Backstreet boys and n’sync-but still had good music and Vanessa was a tv personality for MTV ) but hey they are still beautiful and I hope it works out and they make pretty babies 🙂 Hollywood is full of divorce it doesn’t need another. Tell me what do you think of the happy couple?? and will you watch their wedding special??

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Music!!:Jada Fire-Kevin McCall ft. Chris brown and etc..

Unless its an epic group of rappers or a bunch of artists for a serious charity event like toe cancer or something I’m not too big on these 4 way collaboratoins where they feature more than 1 person at a time. I have no I idea who half of the people are in this song but has a good beat and the harmonizing vocals in the background are nice but as far as the concept and the lyrics:


If you want to check out the song here is the link:http://www.hulkshare.com/y3f53p0bz6dj

The song is by Kevin McCall and features Chris Brown,Sammie,and Diesel and according to Inflexwetrust.com the song title is referencing a popular porn star. As much as I love porn..really??and if they were going to reference anyone it should be pinky/supahead. I’m gay and I still know who them girls are. butI’m not going to knock his hustle or his music its just not my taste. I’m sure a lot of people will go crazy for this for the simple fact that Chris Brown is on it and its a song about getting pussy and has nice little metaphors so the straight guys are going to love it! Personally,I had to turn that shit off half way through but What do you guys think??

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Music!!:Melanie Fiona-(Man down Remix) Like I love you

Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy about Melanie Fiona and her music. She recently released a song called “Like I love you”. Which sounds like she used the beat, or something eerily similar to Rihanna’s Man Down song. (I’m not sure) but I love her voice and the words just not with that very Caribbean beat and if it is Rihanna beat then I must say I prefer Rihanna’s Man Down.Melanie should have left that alone.

if you want to check out the song here is the linkhttp://www.hulkshare.com/n5s2eogzn9a4

Tell me what you think about “Like I love you”??if that left a bad taste in you mouth please enjoy some of my favorite Melanie Fiona Songs below:




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Don’t Mess with my man

Mediatakeout says Pause but I say I am Jealous lol who doesn’t have a crush on Pharrell?? He is cute,creative,makes good music, and knows how to dress.But I highly doubt he’s into men just looks like two friends to me but if somebody knows something that I don’t let me know 😉

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